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What We Offer.

Kelson & Kelson Ltd. has acquired a NLB SRT10 crawler which removes all coatings and rust from tanks while collecting all contaminants in a closed loop system.  It is the most environmentally safe system for removal of coatings available today.

Our environmental division is now in full operation!      More here:

   Kelson & Kelson Ltd. has worked in a variety of industries, this including nuclear, mining, natural gas, food, oil, pulp & paper and marine industries throughout Canada.  


Kelson & Kelson Ltd. provides services for removal and installation of industrial coatings.


  • 35000-40000PSI Water Jetting in a specialized 100% Closed Loop Collection System Specialized for Lead Abatement, Coating and Mill scale removal.

  • Sandblasting (tanks, structural, piping, etc.)

  • Spent abrasive removal 

  • Dust collection

  • Dry ice blasting

  • Chemical stripping

  • Vac-u-blast

  • 45000 PSI Water jet & collection

  • Robotic crawler (White Metal Blast in a closed filtered system, No mess or contaminates, safest most environmentally friendly system available) Ideal for Ships, Walls, Storage Tanks and more!

  • Lead abatement

  • Plural component spray systems

  • Industrial floor systems (MMA and Epoxy Flooring)

  • Scarification

  • Concrete grinders & polishing

  • Fireproofing

  • Fire Stop

  • Intumescent coatings 

  • Marine coatings

  • Tank Linings 

  • Specialized coating systems

  • Cementitious fireproofing

  • NACE Level 3 Inspections

  • And More! Contact us for more information.



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