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Investing in Technology and Training Today For a Corrosion Free Tomorrow.

  Kelson & Kelson Ltd. Industrial Group is a leading provider in commercial and Industrial Coatings. Since 1964 Kelson & Kelson Ltd. has provided various clients with coatings excellence. Our organization provides a vast portfolio of industrial services, some including Abrasive Blasting, Tank Linings, Epoxy Coatings, Plural Component Urethane's, and Industrial Floor Coatings. Here at Kelson & Kelson Ltd. our purpose is to provide superior service to clients, a welcoming workforce for employees, and also to establish the best environmental and safety practices possible.

Our Environmental Division is established! More here:

Industries We Serve
  • Petroleum Industry

  • Forestry Industry

  • Food Industry

  • Mining Industry

  • Nuclear

  • Pulp and Paper

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